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Nokia still on top in mobile market

 Nokia still on top in mobile market

Nokia is still unchallenged as the world's largest mobile manufacturer, a market report from analysts Gartner reveals.

According to the research company, in 2009 Nokia took a 36.4 per cent share of the mobile market to seal the top spot. This is despite a slight drop in market share from 2008.

Samsung's 19.5 per cent share puts it in second place, representing a three per cent gain, whilst LG remains in third place with a 10.1 per cent share.

Both Sony Ericsson and Motorola had their poor performances in 2009 confirmed by the report, with each relinquishing over three per cent of their previous share.

Gartner's Carolina Milanesi commented: "Smartphone sales to end users continued their strong growth in the fourth quarter of 2009, totalling 53.8 million units, up 41.1 per cent from the same period in 2008. In 2009, smartphone sales reached 172.4 million units, a 23.8 per cent increase from 2008."

Mobile operating systems have become a hot topic amongst industry observers and in 2009 Symbian remained dominant with a 46.9 per cent share, although this was slightly down over 2008 figures.

Research in Motion (RIM) and Apple took second and third position with their in-house platforms, while Android's market share managed to reach nearly four per cent.

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