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Untapped power hidden in HD2

Untapped power hidden in HD2

The HTC HD2 is already blessed with some impressive technical specifications, but according to rumours it could have even more power under the bonnet.

In the US an 'upgraded' version of the HD2 has gone on sale, with 576MB of RAM as opposed to the standard 448MB. However, it has been suggested that the UK version already has this extra RAM sitting there doing nothing.

A Chinese hacker recently posted a picture online that showed their HD2 running much more RAM than is advertised and since then, hackers around the world have been attempting to push the HD2 and see what is really inside.

A ROM flash has been implemented by some parties in order to unlock more RAM, which in layman's terms means that HTC has deliberately shut off the RAM from HD2 owners in order to use it later as part of an unknown upgrade.

Some are suggesting that HTC thought well into the future when it designed the HD2 and placed the extra RAM on board in anticipation of the arrival of Windows Mobile 7 at some point this year.

If this is the case, then it deserves credit, but this could just be wishful thinking given the long wait anticipated before Windows Mobile 7 finally comes to town.

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