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US network to launch 4G smartphone

US network to launch 4G smartphone

US network operator Sprint has been building a next generation 4G WiMax network for some time and it appears to be preparing to launch the first 4G compatible smartphone in the next few months.

Sprint claims that its 4G coverage will encompass more than 30 million people in the USA, with more cities and regions getting coverage as time progresses. It hopes to have 120 million potential 4G customers by the close of 2010.

The usual bandwidth limitations of 3G connectivity are irrelevant with a 4G-enabled mobile phone, making high quality video streaming, file downloads and VoIP calling all seamless experiences.

So far the suggestions that HTC will be the first manufacturer to provide Sprint customers with a 4G mobile phone option are nothing more than rumours.

However, it is known that HTC is working on a brand new smartphone that will be 4G compatible and feature the Android operating system.

4G connectivity is coming from Verizon later in 2010, although this will use LTE rather than WiMax technology.

LTE should also make it to the UK by the end of 2010 or early in 2011, although coverage levels might be limited to start off with.

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