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Chinese firm creates PSP Phone

Chinese firm creates PSP Phone

Mobile gaming fans will be able to get a hold of their handheld console of choice, the fabled PSP phone - if only in name.

Created by a Chinese firm, the unofficial device is complete with most of the face buttons that feature on Sony's handheld console and even features a Sony logo.

The Shanzai PSP phone, which first surfaced on, also houses call start and end buttons for when it's in use as a mobile.

News of the bootleg handset comes after months of speculation as to whether Sony Ericsson will ever bring out an official gaming phone modelled on the PSP's abilities.

It is believed that the Shanzai PSP phone will offer dual SIM support, along with standards such as Bluetooth connectivity and even a digital camera on the rear.

The bad news for gamers is that they should not expect to see any official support for PSP games, or gaming of any kind.

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