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  5. Dynamic touchscreen keyboard demoed

Dynamic touchscreen keyboard demoed

Dynamic touchscreen keyboard demoed

A Ukrainian developer has showcased a new application for Android phones called ThickButtons in a bid to improve text entry on touchscreen mobiles.

ThickButtons is a simple concept that essentially enlarges the letters on the keypad based on predictions as to what you will input next.

In theory, this should make it much harder to miss a letter while typing.

For instance, if users were trying to type the word 'solution', they would start by typing 'solu', at which point ThickButtons would have compared your entries so far to a dictionary and brought the keys for 'tion' to the foreground.

This type of advance is significant because of its simplicity and it will be particularly appropriate for use with smartphones with modestly sized touchscreens that squeeze the keypads in a little tightly.

The firm behind the app says that single finger typists will see greater benefit than dual-thumb users, which could be an issue.

ThickButtons is currently being promoted to major smartphone manufacturers and Android users will be able to trial the software when it reaches beta testing.

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