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HTC Magic owners hit by virus

HTC Magic owners hit by virus

The number of Spanish Vodafone HTC Magic smartphones that were infected with a virus runs into the thousands, it has been revealed.

The carrier had initially tried to play down the news that several of its customers had discovered malware on their brand new HTC Magic mobiles, but now the extent of the problem is clear.

The Mariposa malware could now be affecting around 3000 new HTC Magics in Spain, according to an official Vodafone announcement.

It was not the integrated storage of the Android-based smartphones that contained the virus, but rather the microSD memory cards that were bundled with the retail package.

If the customers connect their Magic to their PC, the stored virus could be transmitted and cause havoc.

As a precaution Vodafone has sent out replacement memory cards to any of its customers who recently purchased the HTC Magic.

A spokesperson for Vodafone UK assured the press that the malware-infected phones were believed to be "isolated and local."

This means that UK customers need not worry, although according to Engadget there has already been on similar incident reported on our shores.

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