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  5. HTC speaks out over Apple smartphone suit

HTC speaks out over Apple smartphone suit

HTC speaks out over Apple smartphone suit

HTC has hit back at accusations that if infringed patents held by iPhone manufacturer Apple, pledging to fight the Cupertino giant with all "legal tools available".

Apple first brought accusations of patent infringement against HTC at the beginning of the month and after weeks of remaining quiet, HTC has finally offered its own take on the situation.

Jason Mackenzie, a spokesperson for HTC, said: "We strongly disagree with Apple's actions and plan to use all the legal tools available to defend ourselves.

"Choice is important for customers and healthy competition is instrumental to that."

Apple made its first complaints to the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the District Court in Delaware, both located in the USA.

The tech company claims that 12 of HTC's smartphones are in breach of patents which relate to the iPhone's "user interface, underlying architecture and hardware".

Despite the looming court battle, HTC has been sticking to a busy launch schedule in the US, after the Nexus One gained network backing from AT&T and Sprint Nextel.

The HD2 has also only just arrived Stateside and HTC is debuting what is believed to be its first 4G-ready smartphone at a conference next week.

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