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  5. iPhone controller launched for gamers

iPhone controller launched for gamers

 iPhone controller launched for gamers

A physical control pad has been launched for use with iPhone games such as Street Fighter, which may not be optimised for touchscreens.

The iControlPad hugs the iPhone completely and provides the user with analogue control sticks, four lettered buttons beneath their right thumb, a directional pad beneath their left thumb and start and select buttons in the middle.

Tech site Slashgear revealed that, for the time being at least, there will be no official software support for the iControlPad.

This means that handset owners will have to have a hacked iPhone if they want to install the necessary drivers to get the controller thing up and running.

The jury is still out as to whether Apple will eventually allow official support for the device, although since the motion and touchscreen controls have been given so much investment by the firm, this is far from a certainty.

The developer behind the iControlPad has two versions planned, with the second adding in an extra large battery to extend the playing time available with a standard iPhone, which will cater to the truly hardcore gaming fan.

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