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Microsoft mobile phone snapped

Microsoft mobile phone snapped

Blurry, low-resolution images of Microsoft's smartphone range, tentatively referred to as 'Project Pink', have turned up online, raising interest and speculation among tech fans.

The pictures show a horizontal slider phone with a full QWERTY keypad in the same orientation as the Nokia N900. A digital camera has also been spotted on the back.

Microsoft appears to be going for an eye-catching black, white and green colour scheme for the homescreen and menus and it looks as though the touchscreen mobile phone will have a whole heap of social networking functions - in the same vein as MotoBLUR no doubt.

Tech site Gizmodo, which printed the pictures, quoted a source from inside Microsoft as saying that Project Pink was 'better than Android', even in its current unfinished state.

Although there are no compatible apps shown, there is a download section which will likely allow for a link up to the Windows Phone 7 marketplace when it goes live.

It is believed that the name of this phone will be the Pure, although Microsoft is known to be developing another smartphone called the Turtle, both of which will be available in the USA before anywhere else.

Apparently the international names will be the Pride and the Lion, both of which conjure up odd but undeniably unique images.

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