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  5. Nokia buys mobile browser developer

Nokia buys mobile browser developer

Nokia buys mobile browser developer

Chicago-based browsing software firm Novarra has been taken over by Nokia, in a deal that paves the way for the Finnish manufacturer to take its smartphones' mobile web capabilities to the next level.

Novarra has developed a technique for compressing and reformatting full-sized websites so that they can be accessed quickly and easily from mobile devices.

Nokia hopes that its low-end handsets not based on the Symbian S60 or Maemo 5 platforms will benefit from this technology and offer users a much-improved mobile internet experience.

The company did not reveal the price it had paid for Novarra or exactly when the firms' first smartphone collaboration would be available, but it did confirm that the results would be seen before the end of the year.

Observers believe that Nokia is expecting to make mobile internet services available on its handsets that are aimed at developing mobile markets.

Smartphones already provide advanced internet functionality to those in developed markets, but these have to be made far cheaper in order to make them saleable in locations such as India and South America.

Novarra's 100 employees will become part of the Nokia family before the summer.

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