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Ovi services absorb Nokia Music

Ovi services absorb Nokia Music

Ovi Music will be the new name of Nokia's music download service, extending the Ovi brand which currently covers apps, mapping and more.

Ovi Music will offer tracks which do not have restrictive DRM copy protection imposed, allowing customers to transfer music onto all of their portable media devices, including mobile phones, MP3 players and PCs.

Nokia is planning to make Ovi services available across all of its mobile phones, although those with Symbian-based smartphones will benefit from the widest range of compatibility.

Nokia is hoping that the Ovi experience will provide customers will adequate incentive to choose its hardware products over its rivals and with the focus on online content and downloads of different media, it could well be pushing in the right direction.

According to Phone Report, Nokia wants to keep the majority of its Ovi services free of charge. It took a bold step to prove this point when it launched Ovi Maps with free navigation.

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