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  5. TomTom iPhone app gets live updates

TomTom iPhone app gets live updates

TomTom iPhone app gets live updates

TomTom's HD Traffic service, which is already a feature of its standalone sat nav devices, is set to become part of the iPhone app version of the navigation software.

HD Traffic will give iPhone users the ability to keep an eye on traffic congestion, alerting them to potential black spots and jams before they get stuck and then leading them around the blockage to avoid commuting hell.

TomTom is adding a Google search function to its iPhone app, which will allow the user to scour the local area for services and amenities.

TomTom has submitted the updated app to Apple for approval and the good news is that anyone who has already forked out for the TomTom app will not be required to pay for the additional functions offered, as the update will be downloadable free of charge.

However, people who have yet to purchase the TomTom app will be required to pay a hefty sum for the comprehensive navigation experience that it offers.

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