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HTC announces Legend giveaway

HTC announces Legend giveaway

HTC will be giving ten of its brand new Legend mobile phones to UK users as part of a brand new competition.

The only entry requirement is that you happen to own the HTC iPAQ, which was released a decade ago. If you happen to have one knocking around, you can simply snap yourself grasping the ancient device and then post it to HTC using Twitter.

Once HTC has received your picture, you could get a Legend sent to you without having to pay a penny.

"Every 10th valid picture we receive will win a new HTC Legend until we have given away ten of them. Starting NOW," according to a blog post published by HTC.

This competition could go on for weeks, or it could be over in a day. It all depends on how many people still have an original iPAQ in their possession and how many of that group is willing to admit this fact to the entire world on Twitter, although it is almost certainly worth it to nab a lovely new Legend.

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