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  5. HTC apologises over Hero Android 2.1 delay

HTC apologises over Hero Android 2.1 delay

HTC apologises over Hero Android 2.1 delay

Owners of the HTC Hero have received an apology from its manufacturer after prolonged delays to a software update to the latest version of Google's Android operating system.

In recent weeks HTC Hero users have been increasingly vocal about the lack of information provided by the Taiwanese phone maker to explain the reasons for the postponement.

In a statement issued to Tech Radar, HTC said sorry for the delay and it blamed on unforeseen problems ensuring that the latest Android iteration would be compatible with its HTC Sense user interface.

"The integration of Éclair on the HTC Hero took longer to develop than anticipated and we apologise for this delay. We are committed to meeting our customers' demand for this update," Tech Radar was informed.

There still appears to be no concrete reason behind the delays and HTC has had no problems with the implementation of Android 2.1 on both the Desire and Legend smartphones which launched recently.

Android 2.1 has been on the radar since November last year and anticipation of a Hero update has been high ever since.

However, after delaying initially delaying it until March, then giving an April launch date and finally admitting that June is a more realistic deadline, HTC has continued to push back the Hero revamp.

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