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HTC Incredible is Droid II for US

HTC Incredible is Droid II for US

HTC's next-generation Android smartphone, which has so far been known as the Incredible is going to be known as the Droid Incredible when it launches in the US via Verizon.

The Incredible is notable for offering 4G network connectivity, which is going to be a key selling point for the phone in America.

However, when it makes it to the UK, it will lack this killer functionality because no UK network currently supports 4G for voice and data.

The Incredible runs Android 2.1 coupled with HTC's own Sense interface and its 3.7-inch screen puts it in essentially the same league as the HTC Desire.

Meanwhile, the addition of an eight megapixel camera sets the Incredible apart as an even more capable phone.

Verizon has been using the Droid brand on various phones recently, with 2009's HTC Hero going by the name of the Droid Eris and the Motorola Milestone appearing as the Motorola Droid in the US.

As with the HTC Desire, the Incredible sports a 1GHz processor, but also packs 8GB of internal memory, meaning that the user will not have to pick up a microSD memory card to start downloading and snapping.

The HTC Droid Incredible could be seen as a viable alternative to the Desire in the US, according to Gizmodo, although it will only appeal to smartphone aficionados whilst the rest look to the HTC Legend for their Android-based kicks.

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