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HTC tablet phone incoming?

HTC tablet phone incoming?

A folding touchscreen smartphone with twin displays is currently being developed by HTC, a new patent application reveals.

Other mobile manufacturers have relied on hinged devices in the past, with the recent Motorola Backflip widely regarded as being the most interesting of the current crop. However, HTC's intentions are far more ambitious and exciting.

HTC applied for the patent in late March and as far as leaked images published by WMPoweruser suggest, there is no physical keypad on the two identical halves of the phone.

This means that they are of equal thickness and size. It seems as though HTC is planning to sandwich two HD2's together to form one uber-phone.

Perhaps inevitably comparisons with the iPad have already been made, but tech fans are advised to curb their excitement given that patent applications sometimes bear minimal relation to the resulting products.

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