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HTC unhindered by Apple lawsuit

HTC unhindered by Apple lawsuit

HTC is expecting to break its quarterly sales records yet again, as the company gears up for a patent lawsuit battle with iPhone manufacturer Apple.

The mobile manufacturer says that there has been "no immediate impact on our products, business and customers" as a result of Apple's legal action, which entails 20 different patent infringement claims.

The company has managed to attain year-on-year growth during the first quarter of 2010, which represents an upward turn after poor economic conditions impacted its performance last year.

HTC's quarterly revenue for the first three months of 2010 showed close to a 20 per cent increase over the previous year, hitting nearly £780 million.

It could hit the billion pound mark in the second quarter, if its current forecasts for shipments are met, with 4.5 million mobiles on order.

HTC is holding out against Apple's assault, as it says that after accumulating its own collection of product patents it feels confident that it can defend itself.

"The initial 2009 Android portfolio has proved to deliver better sell-through as well as longer product life cycles and we are confident our 2010 Android portfolio will drive momentum around the world," HTC commented.

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