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  5. LG plans eco-friendly prototype mobile

LG plans eco-friendly prototype mobile

LG plans eco-friendly prototype mobile

LG is creating a new concept for a mobile phone called the Leaf, as it looks to make smartphone ownership a little less carbon-intensive and environmentally damaging.

LG has contracted designer Terrillo Walls to create the initial outline for the Leaf and there is certainly a lot of imagination involved in the idea.

The Leaf will feature solar panels to soak up the sun's rays and keep the battery charged, meaning that no AC adaptor will be required and the carbon footprint of the smartphone will thus be reduced.

The LG Leaf looks more akin to a big, green, HTC HD2 than any of LG's current smartphone offerings. Its design is slim and a large touchscreen dominates the front of the phone.

The Leaf will feature two cameras, with one on the front for video calling supporting the more capable multi-megapixel unit on the back.

As with cars, concept phones do not always make it off the drawing board, but LG would be joining various manufacturers, including Sony Ericsson, if it chose to produce mobiles which are specifically designed for the environmentally conscious.

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