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New Nokia Vertu phones surface

New Nokia Vertu phones surface

New super high-end, luxury mobiles are on the way from Nokia, sporting golden bodies and lavish hand decorated exteriors.

A total of four new mobiles in Nokia's Vertu range of bling phones have been unveiled, each of which represents one of the four seasons of the year.

The phones will be truly exclusive, as only four of each type is ever being made and each one will retail for about £145,000.

Aside from the extravagant looks and guarantee of exclusivity, the Vertu Nokias come with unlimited inclusive calls to local numbers, although people with £145,000 to blow on a phone will probably not be overly concerned by the monthly bill.

Crunch Gear says that the phones have been created in order to promote the first year anniversary of Vertu's flagship Tokyo outlet.

Nokia has recently worked on other mobile phones for Vertu, underlining the fact that the luxury phone manufacturer needs the help and expertise of a mass market producer to deliver its products.

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