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Nokia N8 delayed until July?

Nokia N8 delayed until July?

The Nokia N8 was expected to get its public launch earlier in the week, but now rumours suggest that Nokia is pushing back the arrival of the smartphone until some point in July.

According to a nameless source allegedly linked to network provider O2, there is some fairly solid evidence to suggest that the next N Series mobile phone will be hitting the market over the summer.

The rough window for the launch of the N8-00 is expected to be in the middle of July, although no official word has been given to confirm this.

Initially dubbed the N8-00, the retitled phone will feature a 12 megapixel camera, a 3.5-inch touchscreen display and high-definition video capture capabilities complete with an HDMI output, the O2 source reportedly told Electronista.

The N8 is expected to be the first smartphone based on the brand new version of the Symbian operating system which has been shrouded in relative secrecy for as long as the phone itself.

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