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Nokia N8 HD capture showcased

Nokia N8 HD capture showcased

Nokia's freshly announced N8 smartphone’s high-end video capture capabilities have been showcased in an official video.

See the Nokia N8’s HD video recording in action below

Nokia has used its official Conversations blog to post the first shots of high definition video shot in 720p by the N8. The still imaging capabilities of the N8 are provided by the 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics.

Only the Sony Ericsson Satio can match up to the N8 when it comes to raw megapixel count and the Samsung i8900HD or the Sony Ericsson Vivaz are both alternatives in the 720p video capture market, but none of these phones can offer everything that the N8 does.

The preview video shows the N8 shooting some rugged, ageing industrial structures and then proceeds to capture a man dancing on the roof of one of the buildings in a bright blue top, which is in stark contrast to the dull greys and rusty browns which litter the backdrop. Nokia is clearly trying to illustrate the fact that the N8 is a serious camera enthusiasts' smartphone.

Nokia N8 sample video from Nokia Conversations on Vimeo.

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