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Nokia X5 details discovered

Nokia X5 details discovered

The Nokia X6 has not been on the market for long, but already the next in the series, cleverly titled the X5, has been revealed in detail on the internet.

The basic information suggests that it will be a touchscreen smartphone with a five megapixel camera and a flash backing it up.

It will have a paltry 170MB of internal storage space, which is put to shame by the 16GB or more that is included with the X6, but you can slot an 8GB microSD memory card into the X5 to make it a worthwhile purchase.

As well as capturing still images, the camera will shoot video clips, but these will be standard VGA quality with A 15 frames a second capture rate, according to PhonesOnline.

There is a chance that the X5 will sport 3G network connectivity, which will be a definite positive, but the arrival of Wi-Fi is less likely.

Because these details have been acquired through unofficial sources there is no information regarding pricing or release dates for the X5 in the UK.

Nokia is probably going to apply an appealingly low price tag to this mobile, so it could make its presence felt when it does turn up.

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