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  5. Ovi Maps update reaches Nokia E Series

Ovi Maps update reaches Nokia E Series

Ovi Maps update reaches Nokia E Series

Owners of the business-focussed Nokia E71 or E66 smartphones can now upgrade the Ovi Maps app to version 3.03.

However, the Finnish mobile phone giant has announced that it will not be releasing the latest version of its Ovi Maps app for any other smartphones, which means that other users are being excluded from the free navigation capabilities.

Ovi Maps 3.03 only arrived on selected handsets in late January and it was perhaps inevitable that Nokia would bring it to its E Series business phones eventually.

The update comes in the form of a 10MB download and most users will probably choose to acquire this hefty chunk of data via Wi-Fi or direct to their PC.

Observers have praised Ovi Maps 3.03 for its comprehensive list of capabilities. In most cases it is able to offer the same features as standalone sat nav devices, making it perfect for in-car or on-foot use, according to All About Symbian.

If your Nokia smartphone is not supported by the latest Ovi Maps app, then Nokia is apparently planning to lower the price of paid-for navigation apps in order to offer users a cost effective alternative.

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