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Palm takeover target for HTC?

Palm takeover target for HTC?

Palm might soon be subsumed into HTC, if the latest rumours from within the mobile industry are to be believed.

Last week it emerged that Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC was in the process of holding talks with leading Palm executives, perhaps with the intention of purchasing the firm, according to Taiwan's Economic Daily News.

HTC is the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and has seen its market share jump considerably since it started producing high-end mobiles based on the Android platform.

If HTC did decide to take over Palm it would have to find more than a billion pounds and even then it would be buying into a firm with a tiny portion of the smartphone market to its name.

As a result of the rumours, Palm's share price has jumped, despite the fact that it has been sliding since the webOS platform and the Pre smartphone failed to make the impression the firm had hoped for.

Other firms linked to a Palm takeover bid include Lenovo and Dell, although analysts have ruled out either of these firms taking the plunge because the costs of technology integration would be too high.

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