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  5. Pics of Nokia MeeGo interface appear

Pics of Nokia MeeGo interface appear

Pics of Nokia MeeGo interface appear

Pictures showing how the smartphone and netbook versions of Nokia's MeeGo operating system (OS) will look have surfaced on the internet.

The MeeGo platform is a joint venture by Nokia and Intel that was first rumoured earlier in the year.

Now Intel has used an event to premiere a slide show of images depicting the interface and menus of the MeeGo platform.

Intel said that the images represent an early working version of the platform and so there is a good chance that significant changes will be made before it is fully released.

Observers have noted that there are striking similarities between the MeeGo screen displays as they would be on a smartphone and the upcoming Symbian 3 platform. Parallels between the photography viewer on each are clear.

MeeGo appears to have a feature that automatically logs the apps you use and the sites you visit, allowing you to keep a note of your history and quickly access the items you use the most.

It looks as though the mobile version of the Firefox browser is going to be the default app of choice for web access on MeeGo smartphones, providing support for Flash and cloud-based synchronisation of data.

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