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  5. Sharp shows off 3D mobile phone screens

Sharp shows off 3D mobile phone screens

Sharp shows off 3D mobile phone screens

The first 3D-ready mobile phones will be on sale before 2010 is out, according to electronics manufacturer Sharp, which recently displayed its own mini 3D screens.

Sharp's 3-inch LCD displays are intended to be used by mobile manufacturers in the smartphones of the future and do not require clunky glasses to view the 3D effect.

Sharp showcased 3D screens attached to 3D digital cameras and camcorders at the weekend, demonstrating real time 3D capture that a mainstream audience can access.

Handset owners will be able to view Sharp's 3D mobile phone screens from up to a foot away and still appreciate the pop-out quality of the image, according to the electronics firm.

The first mobiles to use the 3D technology are expected to emerge from September, although these will be limited to the Japanese market in the short term.

As with other 3D imaging techniques, Sharp's new screens rely on each of the viewer's eyes receiving a different image, but the glasses are unnecessary thanks to clever parallax technology.

Sharp began developing the 3D display technology eight years ago, but it is only now that the image quality has progressed to acceptable levels for mass production.

Sharp's Yoshisuke Hasegawa said that meetings were being held between his firm and various major mobile phone manufacturers to instigate the implementation of the 3D display technology in future products.

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