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Top 10 General Election smartphone apps

Top 10 General Election smartphone apps

Polling day is less than a week away. But if you’re still undecided whether you’re plumping for Gordon, Dave or Nick, then your mobile phone can help. Pick up your smartie now and check out these apps, so you’re fully clued up about the issues before May 6th.

1 UK Election Tracker (iPhone)

election tracker

This iPhone add-on asks new questions everyday, getting you to tap your answers, so you can see polls of what people think on everything from immigration to the NHS. This should give you a good idea of which way you’re swaying.


2 Dice UK Election (Android)

dice uk

Stroke or shake your Android phone and this custom built version of Dice will give you a definitive answer as to who you should vote for. Strictly for undecided floating voters and those utterly confused by the entire democratic process.


3 Sky News (iPhone)

sky election app

Sky’s excellent iPhone app has a dedicated election section and will give you live results as they come in next Thursday night. There’s also a full list of every constituency, with information on how many votes parties need to overturn majorities and win places in parliament.


4 The Election Quiz 2010 for Dummies (iPhone)

election for dummies

This ‘for dummies’ app is free for the iPhone and iPod touch. Answer key questions about your views to see which party you support and then delve into details about the history of said party and even find out how to get in touch with key politicians.


5 The Conservative Party General Election App (iPhone)

conservative app

The Tories are focused firmly on the iPhone with this official app. It not only serves up policy details, but the latest press conference babbling and even a ‘tiltable swingometer’, which should be fun as a hung parliament homes into view.


6 Liberal Democrat Manifesto app (iPhone)

liberal democrat app

It seems the Lib Dems, like the Tories, favour the iPhone over Android. This app is broken down into policy categories so you don’t have to plough through reams of text. There’s even a natty video introduced by Nick Clegg.


7 UK National Debt (iPhone, Android)

uk national debt

The national debt is a huge issue in the election and one which no one really has a complete grasp of. Prepare to be terrified as this graph-based app shows you how many millions we’re borrowing every single day.


8 iElect (iPhone)

ielect app

iElect tracks your position using GPS, so you can see just what constituency you live in (although registration has already closed) and get a full list of candidates for your area. That should help you to be clued up when you hit the polling station next Thursday.


9 iCampaign (iPhone)


Sticking with the main party theme of eschewing Android for the iPhone, iCampaign is the Labour Party’s official effort. Aimed at hardcore supporters, it uses GPS to track your position, telling you the nearest events to you, as well as ‘all the latest talking points’. Wonder what they could be?


10 Green Party Policy Matchmaker (iPhone, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry)

green party iphone

The Green Party is hoping to win its first-ever seat in parliament down in Brighton. See how your views tally with theirs by taking the matchmaker test. You may be more of an eco-warrior than you first thought.


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