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  5. HP outlines plans for Palm's WebOS

HP outlines plans for Palm's WebOS

HP outlines plans for Palm's WebOS

HP has explained how it is going to develop the WebOS platform after it acquired smartphone manufacturer Palm.

Since HP does not have an established foothold in the smartphone market in its own right, it was clear to many observers that its acquisition of Palm would allow it to make some headway without investing in the development of its own operating system, as Palm's WebOS is already known to be a versatile, modern platform.

HP has now announced that it will be integrating the WebOS platform into some of its other product lines, including network printers. This means that smartphones will no longer be the only devices powered by the WebOS platform.

"You've now got a whole series of web-connected printers and as they connect to the web you need an OS. We prefer to have that OS, in our case, be our IP where we can control the customer experience," said HP's Mark Hurd during a conference this week.

Mr Hurd made it clear that HP was not going to be entering the smartphone market as a direct result of its Palm acquisition, but he did say that new smartphones and tablet computers produced by his firm would definitely benefit from Palm's software and experience.

He also said that the app store offered on Palm's WebOS-based smartphones would be harnessed by HP in order to distribute software to a wider family of devices, including the all-important printers.

Palm Pre owners, or those who are looking forward to the launch of the Palm Pixi, will be pleased to hear that HP will be supporting Palm in its smartphone endeavours both now and in the future.

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