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HTC HD2 gets PS One emulator

HTC HD2 gets PS One emulator

The HTC HD2 is not known for its gaming prowess, but its credentials have been improved thanks to an emulation app which lets users play games created for the original Sony PlayStation.

See the HTC HD2 PlayStation emulator in action below

The FPSECE emulating software can run classic games, including Tekken 3 which defined the PlayStation era, all on the 4.3 inch screen of the Windows Mobile-based HD2.

The emulator is only on version 0.10.1, but has single handedly changed the HTC HD2 from a superb video-focussed phone into a versatile gaming machine.

The HD2 has a fast processor and a large display, which would suggest that it could make an excellent portable gaming device.

However, the lack of official support from third-party developers has left it bereft of gaming titles.

A video showing an HTC HD2 running the FPSECE emulator complete with Time Crisis, Grand Theft Auto 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 suggests it can handle these games with ease.

Universal support for PlayStation titles is not confirmed by its creators and the use of this free emulator is obviously subject to the grey rules surrounding copyright and ROM use, so do be careful before you try it out.

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