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  5. HTC Hero gets Android 2.1 at the US

HTC Hero gets Android 2.1 at the US

HTC Hero gets Android 2.1 at the US

An update that brings the HTC Hero up to date with the latest version of the Google Android operating system has been launched.

The first users to benefit from the update will be those in the US who happen to be on the Sprint network, many months after Android 2.1 arrived and HTC executives promised that the Hero would be getting an update.

HTC has not only bumped up the base software to version 2.1, but it has bundled the augmented version of its Sense interface in with the package, which means that the Hero will be on a par with the current smartphone line up including the Desire and the Legend.

UK users are probably going to have to stick with Android 1.5 for at least a few more days, because although the Hero update has launched in the US, there is no sign of it over here.

HTC is probably in the process of preparing the UK version and getting the native network providers on board to make sure that the update is distributed without a hitch.

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