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LG shelves GW990 launch plans

LG shelves GW990 launch plans

The prototype LG GW990 made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back in February, but now the South Korean manufacturer has said it will not launch it.

The GW990 was interesting for many reasons, with the presence of an Intel processor and software platform riding high on this list. It was originally planned to use Intel's Moblin operating system, but then this was ditched in favour of the MeeGo platform.

From a hardware point of view the most impressive feature boasted by the GW990 was its ultra-widescreen display, which could handle two documents or windows side by side simultaneously at a 1024x480 resolution. This almost pushes it into the preserve of tablet computers.

Phones which make it to the prototype stage are not always confirmed for mass production, but it is the process by which phones eventually make it to market. However, in this instance LG has decided to leave the GW990 as an appealing dream rather than perhaps an underwhelming reality.

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