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  5. Muhammad app dropped from iPhone App Store

Muhammad app dropped from iPhone App Store

Muhammad app dropped from iPhone App Store

Apple has withdrawn the iSlam Muhammad app from sale at the App Store, in a move intended to head off a flashpoint with Muslims angered by depictions of the Islamic prophet.

The Muhammad app sold for less than a pound and was home to extracts from the Qur'an which were said to incite violence against non-believers.

It is slightly surprising that something so incendiary and confrontational was allowed on the App Store in the first place, given that Apple has been acting with extreme caution in its recent removal of apps that it perceives to be satirical, defamatory or pornographic.

The developer of the iSlam Muhammad app has pointed to the fact that an app criticising those of the Christian faith is still amongst the nearly 200,000 other apps currently offered to iPhone and iPod Touch users. Apple's censors could well be planning another purge of provocative apps such as these.

Last week protesters from around the world took part in the "International Draw Muhammad Day" and the online posting of pictures showing representations of Muhammad led to Pakistani authorities blocking the social networking site Facebook.

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