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Nokia N8 3D games showcased

Nokia N8 3D games showcased

The Nokia N8 has been showing off its gaming credentials in a video that proves that it can handle 3D environments and detailed, colourful graphics at decent frame rates.

See the Nokia N8 running 3D games below

Nokia has posted a video of the N8 playing racing title Asphalt 5, sporting game Real Golf 2011 and physics-based puzzlefest Angry Birds. The games all look good, run smoothly and seem to have taken full advantage of the N8's touchscreen display.

With a 3.5-inch screen and the Symbian 3 operating system, the Nokia N8 should have the right tools to make its gaming experience a true selling point.

The smartphone's 3D support is made possible thanks to OpenGL 2 compatibility, which means that some sophisticated games could well be created in the future.

In addition to Nokia's official video, an unofficial YouTube poster popped up their own N8 gaming offering, which showed the smartphone running Bounce 3D and Rally Master.

However, not long after the video appeared it was taken down without any kind of explanation, so perhaps Nokia was not quite ready to show off the N8's full gaming potential.

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