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Nokia strikes deal with Yahoo

Nokia strikes deal with Yahoo

A host of services provided by Yahoo will become integrated into Nokia's next generation of mobile phones after the two firms formed a mutually beneficial business pact.

A press conference held yesterday in New York was used to launch the service, which has been codenamed Project Nike in honour of the Greek goddess of victory.

Yahoo's mail, search and mobile applications will become part of Nokia's mobile phones, although rumours about the pair creating a Yahoo Phone seem to be wishful thinking. Yahoo has attempted to partner with various mobile manufacturers and networks in the past, but without any real success until now.

Yahoo's chief executive Tony Bartz is set to go on a whistle stop promotional tour in order to get the word out about the deal over the next few weeks and it is believed that he has been instrumental in pushing through the deal to ensure that it becomes a reality for both firms.

Nokia and Yahoo are looking a little jaded in the current mobile market, with mobile phones and alternative services from rivals selling and being used far more frequently than in the past, according to some observers.

The deal is seen as an attempt to create something to make both firms more competitive in the current climate.

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