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  5. Apple files further patent suit against HTC

Apple files further patent suit against HTC

Apple files further patent suit against HTC

HTC recently requested the investigation of Apple by the International Trade Commission (ITC) in the US over patent infringement claims and now Apple has responded with another suit of its own.

This time HTC is being targeted for the way in which its smartphone user interface operates and the US legal system has once more been called upon to tackle a dispute between the market leading smartphone firms.

Apple has already hit HTC with a suit claiming that four patents that it owns are being infringed by HTC's current smartphone range. The latest suit incorporates some of these older disputes but with slight modifications and updates by Apple's legal team.

HTC recently attempted to ban the import of iPhones to the US by bringing its own patent issues to the ITC, although this investigation is ongoing and it has not impacted on Apple's ability to launch the iPhone 4 stateside.

Some believe that Apple is trying to drive Google's Android operating system out of the market, or at least out of the US, by bringing up different patent infringements which it constructs internally in readiness for the moment when a rival needs to be put in its place.

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