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HTC Evo 4G sets US sales record

HTC Evo 4G sets US sales record

The launch of the HTC Evo at the end of last week saw the first 4G smartphone arrive with a bang, breaking the first day sales records of network provider Sprint.

Sprint had previously seen its highest initial sales when the Palm Pre launched last year, but the Evo was easily able to pass this milestone.

Sprint would not announce precisely what the figures were, but queues formed outside thousands of retail outlets across America and in certain major chain stores, the smartphone actually sold out before stock could be replenished.

Sprint is hoping to bring 4G coverage to 120 million Americans before 2010 ends, with 43 million already living in one of the 33 cities in which Wi-MAX coverage is already available.

Sprint has said that the HTC Evo has received highly positive reactions from both the media and its customers, with many praising its design and software.

Whether its 4G data capabilities will remain a selling point or a brief fad remains to be seen, as does whether it will ever make it to the UK.

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