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  5. HTC Evo gets Android 2.2 with hack

HTC Evo gets Android 2.2 with hack

HTC Evo gets Android 2.2 with hack

The HTC Evo has become the latest smartphone in the Taiwanese manufacturer's line up to get an Android 2.2 update, courtesy of some community tinkering.

See the Evo running Android 2.2 in the video below

The ageing HTC Magic received similar treatment at the hands of some Android experts and now the Evo, which is soon to become available in the US with 4G network connectivity, has been modified to support Google's latest operating system using a similarly unofficial method.

Android modder Richard Ross created the hacked version of the platform for the Evo and although the smartphone is not officially arriving until later in the week, reports suggest that the phone he used was one of the example models given to Android developers at a Google conference.

HTC is almost certainly working on its own Android 2.2 update for the Evo and its other flagship smartphones, but until then customers in the US with a bit of programming knowhow will be able to get the latest version of the platform running when they receive their prized mobiles.

HTC may be bringing the Evo to the UK in the future, although since there are currently no networks offering 4G support here it may have to release a cut-down edition.

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