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iPhone iOS 4 launched in UK

iPhone iOS 4 launched in UK

The brand new operating system (OS) from Apple has been released for UK customers to enjoy, bringing with it a host of new features and a taste of what the iPhone 4 will provide.

The iOS 4 platform debuted simultaneously in both the UK and the US. It is the first OS from Apple that supports multitasking on its range of smartphones, which is something that has been sorely lacking in previous OS versions.

Getting iOS 4 onto a compatible iPhone or iPod Touch requires that owners have the latest version 9.2 version of iTunes installed on their home PC before seeking out the software and beginning the download.

iPhone owners who are not going to be upgrading to the new iPhone 4 when it launches on Thursday will get most of the software features the new iteration offers.

However, there will be some concessions made because of the less powerful hardware. For example, the full multitasking potential of the iOS 4 will only be available to iPhone 4 owners because of the 512MB of RAM on-board.

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