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Layar app set for mass take-up

Layar app set for mass take-up

Augmented reality app Layar is set to come preinstalled on 33 per cent of new smartphones sold in 2010 after its developer signed a deal with manufacturers, ensuring its widespread use.

Layar marked its first birthday last week and it has since said that both mobile manufacturers and network providers had committed to delivering its software across a range of new smartphones.

In an official blog post, Layar's Maarten Lens-FitzGerald stated: "With pride Layar announced that LG, the worlds #3 mobile phone manufacturer will pre-load Layar on new Android devices. In addition, Samsung expanded the existing relationship with support for Layar on the Bada platform.

"These four partnerships ensure Layar will be pre-loaded on 1 in 3 new smartphones sold worldwide this year and more global distribution partnerships will be announced in the coming months."

Augmented reality apps, which allow users to learn more about the world around them by pointing their smartphone cameras at objects.

They rely on GPS data and visual search technology to fill in the blanks and are becoming ever more widely used and understood. Layar is one of the most significant players in this evolving market.

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