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Nokia demos N8 interface

Nokia demos N8 interface

Nokia has launched three new videos explaining the ins and outs of the user interface (UI) to be seen on its upcoming N8 smartphone.

See the Nokia N8's user interface in action below

The first clip is to be followed by two more over the next two weeks and the UI will come under much scrutiny as Nokia has been criticised for its slightly bland smartphone interfaces over the last few years.

Now that the N8 with its new Symbian 3 platform is nearly here, most will wonder whether it has managed to finally catch up with its major rivals.

The video shows that the web browser is looking good, with support for Flash, making videos and other common online content readily available to the N8 owner. Threaded, logically organised messaging is also making its first appearance on a Symbian device, although it has long been a feature of the other mainstream smartphone platforms.

Nokia has made the widget-based homescreens of the N8 more customisable and fluid than ever before, with a grid of six widgets stored on each screen.

What has worried some observers is the fact that despite these improvements, the N8's UI still looks a lot like the current flagship Symbian platform, which means it is dull and two dimensional when compared with the likes of Android and the iPhone.

Nokia will continue to improve the N8 until its August launch and it looks as though some work is still required before it has a real chance of competing.

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