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  5. Nokia N8 to undercut rival smartphones?

Nokia N8 to undercut rival smartphones?

Nokia N8 to undercut rival smartphones?

Nokia is set to undercut its major rivals by placing the soon-to-be-released N8 smartphone in a lower price bracket than the likes of the iPhone 4.

The N8 will be the first smartphone based on the Symbian 3 platform and Nokia is saying that the value of integrated free services such as turn-by-turn navigation in Ovi Maps will make the whole package even more appealing.

"The mobile phone market today is so much more interesting than it was pre-Apple. The last two years have been pretty horrid and we've been kicked a lot," said Nokia's Will Harris in an interview with PC World Australia.

Mr Harris represents Nokia's marketing arm in the Asia-Pacific region, which is the current market share stronghold for the Finnish firm. Because of this the N8 is likely to debut here before making its way to Europe and the US.

"This is a high end device for the mass market," said Mr Harris, before stating that the N8 may cost around £290 when it is launched, which will significantly widen the price gap between the smartphone and the likes of the iPhone 4.

Mr Harris went on to talk about the plans Nokia has for tablet computers based upon the MeeGo operating system.

He explained: "The usability will go up if the screen is bigger, but of course the portability will go down as the screen gets bigger.

"The N900 is not the most beautiful device in the world but it has a good form factor and screen size, so making it bigger is certainly a direction we could go in."

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