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Nokia N9 trailer spotted?

Nokia N9 trailer spotted?

The follow-up to the as-yet-unreleased Nokia N8 sensibly rumoured to be called the N9, has been spotted in a leaked YouTube video which showcases its MeeGo operating system.

Despite the sequential naming of its N Series smartphones, the N9 will probably be linked to the N8 only in title, as the hardware and software appear to be of a different breed.

Nokia has not used the MeeGo operating system before and the N9 is likely to be a first in this respect for the Finnish manufacturer.

MeeGo is a hybrid developed by chip manufacturer Intel and Nokia, resulting from a combination of Intel's Mobiln platform with the Maemo software that Nokia has been championing with its N900 smartphone.

The video was posted on YouTube, but it has since been taken down, perhaps suggesting that its source and content is official.

However, this leak has certainly generated some excitement amongst observers, particularly as many have reacted with indifference to the impending launch of the N8.

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