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  5. Artist designs Nokia of the future

Artist designs Nokia of the future

Artist designs Nokia of the future

A British artist has outlined what he perceives to be the future of Nokia mobiles by creating the Kinetic; a concept smartphone which is unlike anything on the market today.

Jeremy Innes-Hopkins designed the Kinetic to possess the ability to move by itself thanks to an internal electromagnet, according to Gizmodo.

It has a base which allows it to sit upright and when an incoming call is detected it will move to alert the user, who can then answer or choose to block it by giving it a gentle nudge.

Because the Kinetic is necessarily rounded at one end, it will not be as easy to put in your pocket as the slate-like iPhone 4 or its contemporaries, but Mr Innes-Hopkins has clearly put a lot of time and effort into the design to make sure that each aspect is functional.

In some quarters, Nokia is seen as in need of a revolutionary product to refresh its smartphone line up, amid perceptions that the Symbian platform is stagnating and the MeeGo software needs some unique hardware on which to run.

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