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  5. Blue edition of Nokia N8 sought by O2

Blue edition of Nokia N8 sought by O2

Blue edition of Nokia N8 sought by O2

As the October launch of the Nokia N8 approaches, the various UK network providers are fighting to get access to the smartphone and O2 is allegedly attempting to secure a blue variation for itself.

It makes sense for O2 to go gunning for the Nokia N8 Blue since that colour is central to the firm's branding.

There should be plenty of colours to go around as Nokia is planning to produce multiple options to create a vibrant range of smartphones, according to UK Press Releases

T-Mobile has recently confirmed that it will be offering the N8 upon its launch, but it has not identified details as to pricing or availability.

Vodafone is the third UK network to announce its partnership with Nokia over the N8, but again it is not offering any details on its website other than the fact that the mobile is 'coming soon'.

Although network providers 3 and Orange have yet to confirm any news regarding offering the N8 themselves, the three other networks should provide some healthy competition come October.

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