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HTC Evo rebranded as Desire HD?

HTC Evo rebranded as Desire HD?

HTC is allegedly planning to transfer the Evo smartphone currently available in the US over to the UK market, but not before changing its name to the Desire HD.

News of the company's intentions surfaced on Unwired View and flies in the face of previous announcements from HTC that the Evo would not get a UK release, due to the lack of a next-gen network for it to use.

The upcoming phone differs from its predecessor with an improved eight megapixel camera, high definition recording capabilities and a larger 4.3-inch touchscreen display.

Other standout features of the Android powered smartphone include full eBook reader functionality and 4GB of onboard storage.

The HTC Evo has proved to be a popular device in the US, selling some 300,000 units within weeks of its launch.

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