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Multitasking blocked on Windows Phone 7

Multitasking blocked on Windows Phone 7

App developers are faced with a dilemma after it emerged that Microsoft will not allow its Windows Phone 7 platform to switch between non-native programs, effectively killing off multitasking.

News that users will not be able to use multiple apps simultaneously was disclosed by Yochay Kiriaty of Microsoft in a message to developers.

Mr Kiriaty stated: "Windows Phone allows only one application to run at any given time in the foreground and no 3rd party applications are allowed to run in the background.

"When a user navigates away from your application, either to a chooser like picture chooser, or to a launcher like phone call, Windows Phone operating system terminates your application."

Mr Kiriaty went on to explain that the operating system would save the final state of an app when a user exits to carry out another task and that this would then be restored the next time the app was loaded.

Until the launch of iOS 4, none of the previous Apple iPhones had boasted third party app switching and true multitasking. Now, however, Microsoft's next operating system is already seen to be behind the curve before its release.

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