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  5. Nokia N97 Mini antenna problems refuted

Nokia N97 Mini antenna problems refuted

Nokia N97 Mini antenna problems refuted

After Apple attempted to drag Nokia further into the debacle surrounding the iPhone 4's flawed antenna design by implicating the N97 Mini smartphone, a fan site has fought back.

Apple allegedly presented evidence that the Nokia N97 Mini would drop its signal if held in the now infamous 'death grip' that so severely hinders the iPhone 4. was incensed by Apple's experiments, which it deemed to be spurious and carried out its own.

It grasped its own N97 Mini in "exactly the same grip shown by Apple [but] call quality remained perfect at all times [which] is something that puts the Nokia N97 Mini a mile apart from [the iPhone 4]."

There is obviously a conflict of interests for both of these sources given their allegiances, but with Apple seemingly searching for another rival to share the burden of public anger it is clear which party comes out looking desperate and unsportsmanlike.

To be fair to Apple, the N97 range has never been regarded as Nokia's finest hour and at one point there was news of exceedingly high return rates for the original, full sized version.

However, it hardly seems fair to carry out internal tests on a rival's ageing smartphone in what appears to be a retrospective smear campaign.

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