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Windows Phone 7 tipped for September launch

Windows Phone 7 tipped for September launch

It looks as though Microsoft will be launching Windows Phone 7 in September, as retailers are beginning to prepare for the arrival of this highly anticipated smartphone platform.

Documents leaked from inside Microsoft itself suggest that a third quarter launch for the Windows Phone 7 platform is on the cards and most observers are consequently translating this into a September deadline for launch.

Concern about Microsoft's grip on the mobile market was raised after its own-brand Kin flopped in the US and had its European launch cancelled, so it looks as though the firm is accelerating the arrival of Windows Phone 7 to reassert itself against competition from Apple, Google and Nokia.

Retailers will be creating shop floor displays to promote Windows Phone 7 as early as this month, according to leaked documents acquired by Engadget.

This means that Microsoft will be planning a heavy dose of publicity to raise consumer awareness before Windows Phone 7 is unleashed.

The seven per cent market share of Microsoft-powered smartphones compares unfavourably to the 44 per cent stake occupied by Nokia's Symbian in 2010.

With Android growing exponentially, its current 10 per cent share is sure to increase and both Apple and BlackBerry look likely to fight hard to maintain their 15 and 19 per cent respective shares.

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