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  5. 60 Windows Phone 7 games announced for launch

60 Windows Phone 7 games announced for launch

60 Windows Phone 7 games announced for launch

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform will be launching with over 60 titles, as it looks to capitalise on the surging popularity of mobile gaming to gain an advantage in the OS wars.

Among the 63 titles are a range of games aimed at hardcore gamers, including Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed, a pair of Star Wars games from LucasArts and a mobile addition to the Halo series.

Alongside these are more mainstream games such as Bejewelled and Guitar Hero 5 to enhance the platform's appeal to the casual gaming fraternity.

Microsoft's Kevin Unangst stated: "We're really approaching this as we would a console, so we have to deliver the breadth of games and the quality people expect from Xbox.

"To have this quantity and quality of games committed this far ahead of launch, with even more to come, is a statement of support that says Windows Phone 7 will be a big success."

He added: "Consumers clearly look to gaming as an expected experience on their mobile phone now and we're going to take that expectation and that delivery up to a different level."

Microsoft, which announced its plans at the Gamescom 2010 event, will also be encouraging developers to utilise the assets of smartphones, rather than fighting against their hardware inferiority compared with dedicated games consoles.

For example, one tower defence title will make use of images from the Bing Maps app to let players protect real-life locations from enemy hoards.

Considerable emphasis is also being placed on the Xbox Live integration, which will allow Xbox 360 owners to synchronise their gaming experience across to their Windows Phone 7 mobile.

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