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Dell Thunder previewed in video

Dell Thunder previewed in video

The upcoming Dell Thunder smartphone has been showcased via a video, with its high end hardware and Android operating system all coming under scrutiny.

Check out the Thunder in action in the clip below

Tech site Engadget leaked the video after it was sent some preview editions of Dell's next mobile release and it seems as though version 2.2 of Android could be installed on the smartphone when it arrives.

The preview devices were pre-loaded with Android 2.1 and 1.6 respectively, but it is believed that Dell will be keeping things current with Android 2.2 when the Thunder goes on general release.

Inside the handset is a 1GHz processor and the exterior shots of the phone reveal that it has stereo speakers mounted towards its base.

An eight megapixel camera is present on the rear, but official rumblings about an AMOLED display were not confirmed by the test mobiles, both of which used older LCD technology. Some believe that this will change by the time the mobile goes on sale.

The Thunder seems to be a competitive smartphone and will make an interesting addition to the market when it is launched later in the year.

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